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About our pendants

Welcome to Celtic Keepsakes. We understand that during a time of bereavement, holding onto the memories of your loved one is so important. Whether that is a small note, a lock of hair or cremation ash, these delicate pendants are lovingly crafted to hold those keepsakes close to you. Each has been carefully designed to memorialise your departed loved one.

Beautiful Memories

Remembering a loved one who has passed is painful, but with these stunning cremation pendants their memory will live on with you. Many of these beautiful keepsakes are created with precious metals and some are set with zirconium stones in a variety of colours. These pendants are truly a sensitive way for you to remember your departed loved one, whether you want to wear it as a piece of jewellery or place it as part of a personal memorial.

Culturally Inspired

Taking inspiration from traditional Celtic and Irish symbols and iconography, many of our cremation pendants are carefully designed to embody the life of your loved one.

Lovingly Protected

Each pendant has been created with a space for your keepsake memory which can be closed with a screw seal that can also be glued into place. Your loved one will always be with you and those memories protected forever.

Stunning and traditional designs

  • Each lovingly crafted with container for keepsake
  • Choice of chain
  • Can be worn as jewellery or used as part of a memorial

Can contain:

  • Cremation ash of a loved one or pet
  • Lock of hair
  • Small note
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